2022 March 23rd - Gun Bros 1 Game Center online shutdown.

Mark030aMark030a Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
March 22nd marked the last day of the Gun Bros servers being online and used for Multiplayer by me and my Gun Bros Discord community.

This...is it. Glu has finally done it. After over 10 years, they have shut down the online functionality of Gun Bros for good on iOS.
The Brotherhood, Bro-Ops, Live Multiplayer and Deathmatch servers are no more.
Furthermore, WarBucks are unobtainable, and some Power-Ups like the Small and Medium healthpacks are unobtainable on version 3.6.0 due to being Bro-Ops exclusive. Online Saves are unavailable, and the game will never boot into online mode.

Gun Bros 2 is the only remaining one that still has Live Multiplayer servers, but they're absolutely broken and the Brotherhood has been offline there for years. But, despite all that, I still urge you all to join the Discord community, as I'll be working on rebuilding the community as long as I can.

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