[SUGGESTION] Upgrading with gold.

artrix55artrix55 Junior MemberRegistered Users 53 Posts
I think its a little bit unfair that we can only make upgrades with war bucks, I think it would be awesome if we could upgrade our weapons with gold, of course it wouldn't be cheap, we wouldn't have the free upgrade and maybe not as powerful as the war buck upgrade.

Up to level 20 its easy, and each level its a war buck, so that its good, but after 20 it gets really hard to lv up, making it hard to get war bucks, and after each upgrade the number of war bucks required its greater.


  • someGUYwithADHDsomeGUYwithADHD Junior Member Registered Users 52 Posts
    I agree completely!
    YES.... I REALLY have A.D.H.D., why is that so hard to believe?

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  • immortalitykingimmortalityking New Member Registered Users 11 Posts
    totally agree +10, i have no doubt glu is the best dev to make freemium games, i do love all glu games BUT i feel a little tired since now a days we can't advance any further if we don't buy enough glu currencies -.-,
    normally i just need to spare some buck $50-100$ every month but now even $300 a month im afraid isn't enough, i dont have any choice so i have to do glu credit grinding strategy to cover the shortfall.

    conclusion : please consider to make game items affordable, if everything awesome/high lvl/epic items buyable through glu currency at least make it can be upgrade using in game currency 10-15 lvl is fine and the rest we can use glu currencies if we want further advance. just like paintbrush its already pain the ass to bought it LOL and we still need to upgrade it to get decent damage.
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