Suggestions for a better gameplay and less boredom for players.

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This game is fantastic indeed already but I think If we can add more features to it better and more exciting gameplay will be added to this awesome game already.

I am thinking, If you guys can make an arena, like my team vs. another team battling each for ladder points/rankings thru a match making system. Wouldnt that be great? But I guess this will be like my long term wish, for as I know it will never happen soon.

If theres like things I'd like to add or fix/revise, I think one is the training method for heroes. You guys atleast should let several heroes train at a time not only once cause at level 15+ heroes take 3hrs and above time just for a training.

Another thing is the replay dungeon rewards I think you should atleast increase abit the chance of getting the purple/orange ones when replaying a 4 star elite dungeon per se(if it is implemented to take purple/orange loots from replays)

Well those are just my thoughts and I hope you hear out your players as early as the game is now.

Thanks for reading this long text of mine and sorry for gramatical errors. Cheers! :)



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