What would buy....

pmdiedpmdied New Member5 PostsRegistered Users
I have over $25k saved from my missions and thought of buying the .30 caliber machine gun when I get to $50k. I was also thinking of buying the X400 sniper rifle instead since I already have the ZRU Advanced. What would you do...?


  • dilg2012dilg2012 Senior Member 358 PostsRegistered Users
    Both are good cash based weapons. If you are not after the Boarles, then the demo x400 is a good sniper rifle. As for the machine it ihas the same power as the K7 and has a high ammo capacity. I suggest you upgrade the sniper rifle. You can still work well with the ZRU Advanced but just be careful with the stronger zombies like the secuirty and fireman zombies.
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  • palangkarayapalangkaraya New Member 39 PostsRegistered Users
    Hello there... So far, all the weapons (cash) are not good enough compare those that you (if you willing) buy with gold...
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