Remove Gamespy link ffom game

jack smithjack smith Junior MemberRegistered Users 53 Posts
Why not remove the GameSpy login link from the games that have it since it is no more. I know it would make logging in a whole lot easier to login that way.


  • wacamoewacamoe Glu Moderator Registered Users 61 Posts
    I am not sure if I understand what you are saying. What exactly is "no more"?
    happy gaming
  • FrancisFrancis Advanced Member Registered Users, Moderators 591 Posts
    This could be regarding the login issue that was going on in Gun Bros (the original) but that has been resolved also. Gamespy login works fine for both games. What exactly is the problem?
  • FrancisFrancis Advanced Member Registered Users, Moderators 591 Posts
    Jack and all:

    To clarify a bit regarding GameSpy and in case there is still confusion:

    GameSpy has been around for a long time, long before it was recently acquired by Glu. If you are referring to old "non Glu" games that have an option for GameSpy login; These games are controlled by the publisher of the games, not Gamespy. In order to change anything in those games, the publisher has to release a new version, GameSpy was only providing the connection service at the time. The services are coded directly into the game code which is controlled by the developer and publisher not GameSpy.

    Hope this helps.
  • jack smithjack smith Junior Member Registered Users 53 Posts
    When I start up gb2 it comes up where I am at level 17 and only have 3 brothers in my brotherhood so I have to shut the game down and turn on airplane mode load the game and click on brotherhood click on Facebook login then I have to go turn off airplane mode go back to the game and login to Facebook every time to get my proper level and brothers it is getting to be a real pain having to do that all the time. If I don't turn on airplane mode the GameSpy login won't let me login to Facebook. That is why I suggested to remove GameSpy login since the company that had GameSpy stopped that part.
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