Game Reset

I recently booted up the game, and my Ipad randomly restarted. When I booted up the game I found everything had been reset.

I had just spent 5 dollars on 100 gems, and had 61 gems saved up through gameplay. My characters were all in the 20's for levels, and it's all gone. This is absolutely unacceptable. Not only is my gameplay gone, but more importantly my MONEY is gone.

This seems kind of sketchy. I have submitted a ticket but I want others to know that this DOES happen! If this is resolved appropriately I'll gladly post below saying that GluGames has excellent customer service.


  • shannyshanny Registered Users 440 Posts
    Hi Rattler3.. I'm sorry you have had this bad experience. The only way the team can look at your account to see what happened is for you to file a claim ticket, which you can do at the following link. Good luck.;) Make sure to use the email address that is associated with your glu games on the question where they ask for email address. Thanks......
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  • aleealee Registered Users 29 Posts
    The game reset on my iPad just yesterday. I had backed it up to my PC a few hours earlier, so I tried restoring the iPad (all data for all apps, but not the apps themselves) from the backup. For some reason, iTunes said that the restore failed, and the game data wasn't restored, so I restored the backup again. This time, it went faster, and the game data was successfully restored.

    It seems like a strange coincidence that both of us had iPads lose game data so close together.
  • shannyshanny Registered Users 440 Posts
    That is great that you got your game progress back. I have had a some instances where I lost progress by either a bug or my own mistake, and it is very frustrating. Especially when you have real money tied up into it.;)
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  • JjinzoJjinzo Registered Users 3 Posts
    yea guys. as a player who spend quite a few quids on the game, not having a restart option kinda makes me not want to spend my remaining 1200 gems until i can restart and rebuild my heroes.
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