What character(s) do you play? What are you saving for?

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Hey all! Thought I'd start a thread that people could have fun with. Feel free to offer comments/criticism/suggestions to your peers, and feel free to post updates on your progress!

I primarily play kunoichi, with farmer/swordsmith/rocket farmer/frosty, flashbomb/cart. I finally finished buying all of the non glu gold upgrades this past week. For gold updates, I've purchased:


Kuno: Leadership max


Farmer Lv 9

Power Ups:

Soul Jar: Lv 3

Managed to luck out and get Gold Archer and Sword Warrior so far as well, though I rarely use them unless I'm messing around in single player with samurai..

I'm saving for farmer lv 10 right now, and should get it tonight. Then I'm torn between a level of leadership for sam and ronin (to help with challenges), or an upgrade to soul rate/defense time. I'd also like to upgrade frosty and rocket farmer.

How about the rest of you? :)


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    Best balance, more ally summons, and with the Heroic Mount - just as fast as the Kunoichi.
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    Main Heroes:

    Ronin: Upgrade his armor and health. He'll block attacks and the enemies will wind up just killing themselves.
    Kono: Flash Bomb + Lethargy is deadly. Almost unstoppable. See notes below.

    Primary Allies:

    Assassin, Samurai Warrior, Handmaiden, Zato, Rocky

    Secondary Allies:

    Frosty, Shield Warrior, Panzer, Spear Horseman

    Main Abilities:

    Ronin: Thunderstrike
    Kono: Flash Bomb
    Samurai: Katana Slash
    Global: Lethargy, Reinforcements (and sometimes Tornado)

    Special combos:

    Shield Warrior w/ ranged attackers (Horse Archer, Bowmen, or Rocket Farmer/Handmaiden)
    Horsemaster w/ Horse Archer, Horse Spearman (and splash Rocky)
    Riflesmith w/ Bowman (very effective)


    First thing I spent upgrading were globals that helped all the heroes in all situations: Sacred Gate, Village Bowmen, and Warding Bell. I also think it's very important and probably overlooked to upgrade each hero's Leadership. The higher leadership accumulates faster AND you get more use out of your tea. I'm saving up to max this out (currently level two for each hero).

    I spent a lot upgrading the Assassin and the Samurai Warrior early on because they're cheap upgrades and cheap casting costs.

    I used to use the Rocket Farmer instead of the Handmaiden but the refresh time on the Handmaiden is much quicker and they are extremely powerful once upgraded. If you can get a horde out they're practically unstoppable so I like to use them with Reinforcements.

    Rocky is a good investment because he can be used by any hero and does a lot of damage to ALL enemies on the board. If you upgrade it, it's a better replacement for Explosive Cart. I'd like to get him maxed out ASAP.

    I'd like to get Panzer upgraded more. He's very good for those longer battles with lots of bosses.

    I don't use Nobunaga because he's just about identical to Zato, but Zato is cheaper all around (to cast and upgrade). If I could get him upgraded, I might change, but I'd need a couple more levels before I'd see him as useful.

    Takeda Shingen is almost useless except at lower levels, even with Horsemaster. He has high damage but he's very slow to attack and his health isn't all that great. Plus, he's expensive to upgrade, but I imagine if you can get him upgraded it would be sick. Otherwise, I don't use him if I know there are a lot of bosses coming out. Like Nobunaga, I'd like to see what he could do when upgraded.


    I always study who the enemy is playing before choosing who I use. Here's my strategy:

    If the enemy is using Kono: I use Ronin. I let Kono's high DPS kill herself with Ronin's armor ability.
    If enemy is playing Samurai: I use Kono. High DPS can kill him quickly, especially combined with Flash Bomb and Lethargy.
    If enemy is playing Ronin: I use Samurai. Because of Ronin's armor bonus, I need the Samurais' high health to last long enough to kill him.
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