wave 43 help?

DigitalKnightDigitalKnight New Member4 PostsRegistered Users
Hi guys,

does anyone have any tips for wave 43 please?

my set up is

panzer samurai, swordsman, Zato, bowman

troop trample/reiforcements

Every single time those female spidertype things get through and destroy my gate....

the problem seems to be that caster zombie who keeps converting my troops into the enemy, and the 2 healer zombies at the back... I've tried rushing through to the back to kill the healers but then this leaves my gate vulnerable.

Please can you tell me the set up you use // recommend?? thanks


  • nagoyahnagoyah Experienced Member 100 PostsRegistered Users
    I'd suggest using farmers and frosty. They might not be strong, but if used together they will slow the enemy down quute enough. I am not sure which hero you are using, but if youre free to choose Kunoichi works great for rushing past waves. Although using lethargy is recommended so they wont kill you a fast.

    Also, difficult waves get a lot easier when using a peacd charm.
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