Stategy for completing the game

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If anyone needs help on finishing the game, I made a team that has proved to be very effective. I used Farmer lv7, Swordsmith lv1 (Going to upgrade later), Frostie the Bowman lv5 and Zato Swordsman lv5.
For wave 50, I managed to summon Zato swordsmen to do some damage while taking some hits to die, while summoning Frosties when I got the chance. I also used Farmers for mass attack and bait (since the boss eats enemies at close range) and using Swordsmith to power them up. After some time, I summoned enough Frosties to completely immobilize the boss, which of course made killing him extremely easy.

Remember, this is only one strategy and I am sure that there are probably many other strategies that are better than mine but I hope this one helps.

P.S: I mainly use Kunochi and sometimes Ronin quite a bit when I feel that I need to be defensive.


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    There aren't always Frostie/Swordsmith available on the first run-through.

    It's a lot easier to just mass-wave farmers. The Zato is not necessary. Archers will do the trick just as well as Frostie.

    A rifleman can also stun the boss temporarily. Every stab by a farmer can also briefly pause it.

    For the final boss, all you really need is to have farmers keep him busy long enough to keep using Troop Trample. Enough of that will do the trick.
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