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Can anyone tell me all the benefits of using the sorceress. What is so good about her? What can she do? Whats so important about her? Any small details that anyone could explain will be very much appreciated


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    You can play with her in the daily challenge, to give it a try.

    Anyways, from what I've seen she has some overpowered attacks. Also she's able to have 5 abilites, which is a great advantage if you ask me. I do believe it's only 3 allies, but if you pick the right ones this shouldn't be a problem at all. If it wasn't so damn expensive I'd certainly would have bought it.
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    Haha well thanks . I will surely give her a try today
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    Yep, 5 abilities allowed. 3 Ally slots.

    Repel - Extremely low cooldown - very spammable. Damages enemies and knocks them back. Works on PvP and most minor infantry. Does not work on large enemies. (New patch - enemies hit by "repel" at the bridge have a chance to be instant KOed by your bridge spirits).

    Soul Burn - Medium cooldown. A nasty spell. The best spell in the game. Stuns a target and drains it's life over time. If they are low on health they will explode. Works on everything including the PvP gate.

    Mystic Flame - Medium cooldown. Creates a wall of fire directly in front of the sorceress which will freeze and damage enemies. Great when cast at the right time.

    Dragon Protector - Large cooldown. Better than Troop Trample. Dragon runs across the screen and damages all enemies for high damage. Troop trample at level 1 will do 3000 damage and will stop once the 3000 damage has been dealt. It also has the chance of instantly killing any enemy (confirmation required). Dragon Protector at level 5 will do 2500 but this is dealt to any enemy in it's path. Hence the better spell.

    Her mele attack is weak and she will only strike once at a time.
    Her ranged attack is very powerful, the strongest out of all heroes.
    Moderate health which is easy to upgrade.
    2nd highest speed in the game. Tied with Daimyo.
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