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Hello everybody!

What´s the Wave with the highest amount of enemys? In which wave do you have the highest chance to collect some good things like presents or glucredits?


  • galdongaldon New Member 12 PostsRegistered Users
    once you are able to; daily challenges are like that. As far as I can tell they don't get any harder each time but have a pretty large amount of drops, while all the normal waves get harder every time you beat them.
  • obsidian743obsidian743 Junior Member 64 PostsRegistered Users
    The biggest farming wave is wave 49. Be warned that it gets pretty difficult after you beat it so many times. Other than that, other big waves are 39 and 47 for sure. There are some others ones in the 40s I think are pretty big but don't quote me on it. I would say any wave that nets you 150+ souls is a pretty big wave.

    The biggest farming wave you can do is the "Hero's Challenge" daily challenge. It was the Daily Challenge a couple of days ago so you'll have to wait a while for it. But you can easily get 250 - 300 souls per run. If you use a Lucky charm you can get over 1,000. You'll normally get at least a couple of boxes out of it and possibly Glu Credits.

    Of course, this is all base-level. If you have Soul/Coin Drop the number of souls obviously increase, etc.
  • nagoyahnagoyah Experienced Member 100 PostsRegistered Users
    I used to re-run wave 49, because Kunoichi was my main hero. But the waves keep getting harder and harder and I just couldn't be bothered with spending some time on it. I personally think the waves that require a certain hero give you more drops, but don't pin me to it.
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