How to get glugold?

xman3602xman3602 New Member14 PostsRegistered Users
Where is the glugold? And how to get it?


  • shannyshanny Senior Member 440 PostsRegistered Users
    Hi xman. There are a few ways you can get the glu gold. You can buy it or you can do the Tap Joy offers where you download a game or watch a video or something in exchange for glu gold. That can be found on your game where you go to add gold. Just click on the "earn free gold" area and that will take you to it. There is also ways you can get gold that is spendable in most of the glu games (if using android) by playing games like Gun Brothers. If you do the daily missions on Gun Brothers and have 2 of your facebook friends (brothers) do them too, you can get an average of 150 gold a day. I hope this helps answer your question and that you are successful in finding you some gold. Good luck and happy gaming!;)
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