GorionGorion New MemberRegistered Users 19 Posts
Ok, if you have played a bit this game, you will probably like me have a pile of Amber that is useless.
It would be great if there was a way to trade Amber for higher value elements.
Something like:
5 Amber for 1 Amethyst
25 for 1 Emerald
125 for 1 Ruby
625 for 1 Falling star

In other words trade 5 lower value elements for 1 of the immediate higher value.


  • BonesIIIBonesIII New Member Registered Users 12 Posts
    Lol. U think they will do that. They might but it will cetainly cost gems. Besides that would take away the money grab of paying gems for 100% success in upgrading. Couldnt do that. Great idea but they will get you to pay for it even if they add that function.
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