Collection (Artifacts)

Cyan8Cyan8 New Member5 PostsRegistered Users
Hello everyone,
why is it impossible to complete the 15%-Armour collection (artifacts) ? i have collected 4 artifacts and if i collect the 5th, someone stole me 3, so i collect them again and every time i have 4 artifacts and fight for the 5th, someone steal me the other artifacts... one time i had 4 artifacts and needed to defend the 5th and i defended so i had all 5 but then they stole me another artifact and i collected again and so on....i win every game but its impossible to collect the collection ( i have full defense all max ) i tried this on different days and different times...

How did you make this collection?


  • mtheadmthead Experienced Member 266 PostsRegistered Users
    increase your soul jar so you can collect all 5 in on go, instead of waiting for your soul jar to refill

    thats wat i think anyway
  • Cyan8Cyan8 New Member 5 PostsRegistered Users
    No i tried this already too :/
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