Gutted - No longer able to play / refuse to start again !

Hi all,

Just wanted to vent here mostly and find out if this has happened to anyone else - if so what did you do ?

I started playing HoD about two months back, nice and steady..was enjoying the game at a slow rate, taking my time ( as you do ) I'd invested a lot of time in using TapJoy to gain Glu Coins which allowed me to buy all the heroes across the board ( This consisted of the download apps, reach a certain level ect...Free trials of Lovefilm, Other sites which resulted in a small purchase on my side, however the benefit was i'd gain more Glu Coins for a lot less real world money )

So after spending around £10 GBP in total id managed to have all the Heroes , which to be fair the time id invested in this game was fantastic value for money! Only to have it recently reset on me :(

Ive tried to contact Glu support to which they said they could refund me the coins, if i was able to send them Google play recipts ect to prove ive purchased the coins...well ive used Tapjoy for the most part and maybe only bought a few hundred Glu coins via real world this kinda leaves me in a bit of a pit in regards to what i can do to get my team back.

any advice ? A friend of mine has suggest i play the hacked version which gives you unlimited gold/coin..but honestly whats the point in that ? no fun ? i still wanted to continue with the game and actually have some challanges and fun with it .

/rant over. thanks for all that bothered to read :)


  • MaragostMaragost Registered Users 60 Posts
    Never used TapJoy but maybe they can give you a piece of paper which shows what you've done and the coins you did get from them.
    (We really need a way to make a backup of the save data. Too many people with too many problems. I wonder if it's worth to start a ticket asking it)
  • CrovackCrovack Registered Users 38 Posts
    Even a "paid for" cloud backup. Make it cost a good chunk of silver (25k?) or 1 Glu coin to backup save @glu servers.
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