Character Boxes - how I miss thee...

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For a ever so brief period of time these were available (and awesome). I started doing some stats for them, and then they were gone without warning =[

Here's what happened in 268 Ronin boxes:
Sushi Plate			37	13.8%
Pot of Tea			38	14.2%
Revive				14	5.2%
Gems				20	7.5%
Coins				14	5.2%
Tag Team Charm			20	7.5%
Magic Charm			13	4.9%
Command Charm			25	9.3%
Friendship Warrior Charm	25	9.3%
Destruction Charm		22	8.2%
Immortal Charm			20	7.5%
Peace Charm			19	7.1%
Haste Charm			0	0.0%
Wealth Charm			0	0.0%
Lucky Charm			0	0.0%
Power Charm			0	0.0%
Level Up			1	0.4%
Champion			0	0.0%
TOTAL				268	100.0%

I think the Level Up result was low. I would guess its closer to 1% or possibly even better. When I was doing the Kunochi box I only had one expensive level with her to go, and I got it in about 30 boxes.

I'm assuming these were removed since it was much more likely to get nice gem rewards. Still probably not as quick as actually playing the game, but it made it suck less than just loading unless its a champion. It seemed like every time I would normally have gotten 4 gems I got 10 and every time I would have gotten 10 gems I got 20.

I didn't get a single champ in my character boxes, I'm pretty sure its impossible.


  • 19bigred8519bigred85 New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    I got 2 champs in the boxes you get for beating the daily challenges 1 for frostie the bowman and another for zato
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