Game has glitched.

TokenpassTokenpass New Member1 PostsRegistered Users
I completed all the 7 stages , 3 times and I guess the third time was legendary but after that I was reset back to easy mode and every time I beat the first guy it doesn't let me move on, I'm lvl 45 got tons of guns , loads of money, but can't move past that and get better armour from the legendary levels. I can still complete the events and gain guns but unable to move in campaign.


  • DocBonDocBon New Member 1 PostsRegistered Users
    Same here.
  • NumbdrumNumbdrum New Member 13 PostsRegistered Users
    Same exact thing here. LVL50
  • kobejoel8kobejoel8 New Member 4 PostsRegistered Users
    I have the same problem. I was on my way to complete missions the third time... Then i updated... Stats on guns, armor and blings are quite out of whack... Not sure if its part of update... Then i am getting very low loot on campaign mode...

    Please fix this. Thank u
  • kobejoel8kobejoel8 New Member 4 PostsRegistered Users
    I updated again... My game has reset!!!! :(
  • StickToYouLikeStickToYouLike Experienced Member 126 PostsRegistered Users
    Thank you for your feedback. This is being passed on to the development team. If you continue to have this issue, you can please submit a Customer Care ticket here:
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