Android - backing up data

Okay. I really do like this game. But I am getting sick and tired of investing a lot of time in playing and having the whole thing reset on me, starting completely over. This has happened to me now 7 times. I've been up to party level 191 once when it happened. Just yesterday, I was up again to party level 92 - was waiting for a character to train, and wouldn't you know it - the game just started over. It's getting beyond frustrating. This is why I have yet, and will continue to refuse, to purchase anything in this game.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

How EXACTLY can I back the data up, and in the event of this happening again, restore that data?


  • MaragostMaragost Registered Users 60 Posts
    I understand your feelings very well. It happened the same to me 4-5 times. I (and other people too, i hope) asked several times something like iCloud which would allow us to make a backup of the save file but so far i've never seen any answer from the staff about it.
    We can only hope that in the next update there will be something.
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