Age of Gods - Great Game, Great Incentives, Insane prices.

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Hi GLU, really loving the Age of Gods! It's a ton of fun and I'm really enjoying the story, the PVP, the events, all of it! This is the first game I've ever put real money into to. I've currently paid about 50 dollars, however, this is where my issue lies.

I feel that everything is far overpriced. The incentives for donating are PERFECT. But I feel that even with 50 dollars donated, and only ring VIP 2, to be kind of a rip off. From a business perspective, you will make far more money lowering the prices and making the VIPS levels not so outlandishly high. People will be more tempted to fork out the money, therefore making more purchases more frequently. Perhaps with each purchase of gold, throw in some loud speakers or maybe even allow VIP to talk without them.

No other gripes, fantastic game from a fantastic team. Keep up the great work!

IGN: Darien


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    seen your message on loudspeak, i'm iPanda, and yeah i'm currently VIP 2 and i agree, prices are a bit high for sure, and having to pay 50 gold for 1 message to others when theres no other way to communicate in game, thats like spending $1 per message if you buy the low packs :S i think for each level of VIP you are you should obtain 1 (or 2) loudspeaks rather than that potion that speeds up farm time (as its so easy to obtain via missions and war gate etc,) (example if you have VIP level 3 you would get loudspeak 3 x 1 (or 2) = 3 (or 6) i think that would be fair, and would allow people to communicate, or atleast implement guilds soon or personal messages in game, so people can actually talk, would be awesome,
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    Ya every other online game in history has free chat its ridiculous this game doesnt. RobertoRay in game btw
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    I agree 100%. Love this game. Would love to see some sort of private messaging system and guilds implemented. Players will become far more invested in the game if glu makes it easier to interact with each other and make connections. The price for VIP levels is just outrageous, and in this day and age, players should be able to interact with each other with ease if you want to consider Age of Gods a true multiplayer game. IGN: Ryder - I've seen all of your names before on the chat screen haha awesome.
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