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How to get point. What is career


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    msb5599 wrote: »
    How to get point. What is career

    I don't really get your question. Carries is like story mode. It's offline and you play by your own slowly progressing through it till you finish.
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    ive been playing this game for a while and came to conclusion that you dont get career points.. unless its done in multiplayer or something.havent had any luck with multiplayer yet no one is on it. played time attack and got no cp from it.. been playing story mode and only get xplodium and xp

    fun game to play but very difficult.. wish more players are on it, cant see any android players on it
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    You can get points in Time attack, but only if you double your points after every match (costs a few coins each time). Maybe if the purchases weren't such a scam they would have more players..
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