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Dear Glu team (if you even read this which you probably won't). Please make in game Chat in Age of Gods free. Spending money, actual money, (about $1 for each message) to talk in game is ridiculous. I have not seen a single game out there that does the same. I love the game, but one way games are so good is that they allow online interactions, FOR FREE, which enhance the experience. I guarantee you will get happier people playing your game (along with more people) if you make this free. Also gold and VIP status are too expensive, and the filter system for talking sucks, often deleting common words such as "god" which is just dumb considering God is in the title of the app. (Btw I still do really like the game, so don't take my words meaning that I think it is bad, because I don't. It just needs tweaking)

For everyone else, I am RobertoRay in game. I would say friend me, but I have reached max friends and there is no way I know of to delete friends (another thing that should be fixed). Anyways, since talking in game costs real money, I was thinking why don't we start a forum here so that people can ask questions about the game and others can answer. It's not as convenient as in game chat, but I am not going to be forced to pay for something as ridiculous as in game chat with real money considering everything else costs so much in the first place.

I will start things off by asking "how do you get purple hero's without paying gold?" I have seen several people with no VIP status (meaning they havent bought hardly any gold) and yet they have a purple 6 star hero or more and they are like level 13. Does anyone know how it is possible for them to have such good hero's in game without paying? Thanks in advance


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    DragonJay here. When you upgrade your heroes by tapping on them and a window pops up, it shows if you can upgrade them. If you have enough souls, you can star them up. For example, my first blue hero was a 4* Cassandra which I got from Pantheon. Eventually when I did the Supreme refresh, I got enough Casandra souls to upgrade her. Once I did, she became a 5* purple hero. Anyways, I think shes purple.

    P.S. I agree paying to chat is extreme.
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    Thanks. Yeah I did know that, I am just wondering about the actual purple (like 6 or 7 star heros) and how people get them apparently so easily or something idk. Thanks for the reply tho I appreciate it :)
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    Hey all, Tarzian here. doubtful any have seen the name. i have been too broke to afford gold until recently and too cheap to use the chat/horn/shell/taco lol. tho was looking for any tips to the best way to spend that gold. aside from how i have already. using up some for the two rolls one for purple and one for blue gods.

    ps the name was just a randomized name i didnt care at the time cause most game i try arent that fun. this however caught me by surprise. The name would have been MacGyver or even my XBL name of MacGyverRevivor

    oh and also.. there is a player by the name Leule lvl 51 nowbut only vip2 his main character has mind cleaning.. well most of his troop has it. however i can and only have found and been able to make Sword Dance and Stone skin. as well as the lower of those two. just wondering how to get that or if im missing something. seeing as im only lvl 33/34 not sure atm.

    soo..a list of the questions so to be clear as i am often scatterbrained.

    -Best way to spend gold once you have it?
    -Best way to obtain skills for your characters/ gods?
    and i guess for those that dont have gold
    -best way to obtain gold without real money?
    (my answer is the second chest from completing daily challenges. plant the seed and wait.) not sure if there are better ways.

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    I'll anwser this once Tarzian, because I'm angry and feel the need to be useful, but afterwards I will direct you to my thread. WHICH WILL BE AWESOME.

    In regards to Leule and his mind cleaning - ultimate combination of skills (in my opinion) would be Mind Cleaning, Rejuvenation, Titan Blood, Steel Skin, Ecstasy and then Meditation or Swords Dance depending on whether your MA or PA.
    1. Best way to spend gold once you have it?
    Tower of Babel badges (sweet lord, the wonderfulness that drops from that tower is amazing), Refreshes (I prefer Silver Refreshes at 50 gold a pop when I feel the need to try and collect as many souls as possible), VIP / 22 Hour Training (50 Gold for a lot of XP), and thats about it as far as I'm concerned. OH WAIT! Skill Books! In War Gate you can pay 150 gold to get a skill book instead of risking your luck to see if you'll drop it. You can spend gold on other things too, but I'd rather be patient then waste money on things like cooling down plants or the Ring of Ra.

    2. Best Way to Obtain Skills for Your Characters
    Well stealing them from others at Ring of Ra is one way (you have to have at least once piece yourself though), OR dropping them in War Gate. Steel Skin, Mind Cleaning, Meditation, etc. you can drop at higher level stages. (for instance at the Pandora levels you can drop Mind Cleaning). You'll find in no time that you end up with a whack of them once you get up to the higher levels (so from 40 onward I would say)

    3. Best Way to Obtain Gold Without Real Money
    Only real way is by Gold Seed Chests. You have to complete the activity items to get it as a reward though, and then you have to wait 48 hours, and THEN you may only get like 6 gold. I don't think I've ever gotten more then 20. If your patient you can do that. I would rather just spend a bit of money and then get that nice Recharge & Rebate activity. Nice sum of 234 gold in my pocket each day. When they had the Lucky Roulette you could win some, but now that its gone...your kinda stuck. There are plenty of ways to duplicate gold once you have it (Gaia's Blessing, Recharge & Rebate) but to get it...there's only really one way.

    That about sums it up I think.

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    Is there anyway to get purple soul easily? or the kind easily ?
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