Age of Gods Servers - Zeus or Hera?

RyderRyder New MemberRegistered Users 6 Posts
Just recently discovered there is another server on Age of Gods besides Zeus called Hera. Is this new? Are you guys on both? My name is Ryder on both... it seems from the top players in the Parthenon that Hera is a newer server but just wanted to check.

Is there a difference between the game on the servers?


  • EnlightenEnlighten New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    I am in both, Hera is newer.

    Top ranked player in hera is lvl 42, instead of the 56 or so in Zeus.

    Same game, just different server so people starting out wont be too far behind.

    Wish they made a server where gold cant be purchased so it gives everyone an even playing field.
  • Kylehall90Kylehall90 New Member Registered Users 31 Posts
    I'm also in both hera is only like a week old. I'm pretty sure the top Player is actually only 37 at the moment (name: Lonus)
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