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Ok, so I started playing this game and have a few simple questions.

i have a hard time with the melee weapon "bat" what am I doing wrong as there are times I am swinging at the air?

i feel as if I should reinstall to start at the beginning as now that I have some understanding it appears I have missed the boat with a lot of free stuff in earlier missions, what do you think? I am only on level 4

The missions I am now encountering appear to need a lot better arms than the shotgun and pea shooter I presently have and unless I want to dig deep $$ I am stuck.

Do you use manual shooting or automatic and why?

any suggestions or mentoring would be helpful. Thanks!
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    Hey D!! I moved you over here to the right forum so you could get some professional zombie killing help! lol It's an awesome game. I think you will enjoy it!;) I will give you my opinion on your questions while I'm at it too.

    I don't think it's a normal function to swing at air with the melee weapon. You probably have a little glitch going on and it sounds like you probably know what to do. But that is your decision because you know that progress is not saved and neither is anything invested already. So if you need to do something like what you suggested....not is the time to do it. The weapons in this game are not cheap, and you will find that you do need more than the "pea shooter" or bat. lol
    I think the automatic firing vs.manual is going to be a personal choice at first on whichever you like best, but as you get in where it is almost "raining zombies" on you.....the auto-firing is super handy!. Play around with both methods at first and see what you like. You HAVE to use manual firing when using the scope on a rifle, but that is automatic though. You do not have to adjust anything,,so don't worry.

    My personal choices on weapons are the streetsweeper for shotgun, and exterminator as the grenade launcher. I feel like the zombie killer queen with those. lol You should get some good advice in here. Good luck. :D
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  • DdannenDdannen Senior Member Registered Users 875 Posts
    Thanks for the move and the advice Shanny, I should have realized by your avatar you were also the moderator here lol. I am not adverse to plucking down a few $$s as this was also needed in other games just to get rolling otherwise you are stuck in a corner.
    the bat thing from what I can tell is not automatic and you have to center you zombie in order to hit. What I find is interesting is the zombie can back up and still inflict damage while you need to step up in order to contact with the bat. I am only on level 4 and have only the basic weapons yet all the easy missions have been replaced with expert wah. So much for starting out slow lol.
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    Hello guys,
    Here's my two cents, wish Dilg was here as he is a better explainerer.... Anyhow, the baseball bat sucks. It's the worst weapon in the game because of what you noticed D. You have to have the aim centered on the zombie and you are still likely to miss and get injured. Are they still offering that black katana as an incentive to playing 15 days in a row? If so, get it. (By the way, you only need to attempt a mission every day to get these bonuses, not complete them). It's much faster than the bat. If you are only a level 4 and haven't sunk any money into the game, go ahead and restart if you feel like you might be able to collect more loot this time around (go for every bonus crate). When I first started, I would intentionally fail missions in order to be able to collect more bonus crates. As you know, when you pass the mission, you will be offered harder missions in which it gets progressively more difficult to collect these crates. I've never tried manual shooting, but was always curious about it. My guess is that it is much more difficult. I asked Dilg about it way back in the day and he said he didn't use manual shooting either. Hmmm, my CKZ2 seems to be stuck in the loading screen (OH NO!). Gonna shut her down and restart, wish me luck.
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    My advice? Just pass on using a melee weapon at all. The chainsaw is the only one worth a damn and you still take damage while using it. Stick with the other weapons.
  • DdannenDdannen Senior Member Registered Users 875 Posts
    The G Man wrote: »
    My advice? Just pass on using a melee weapon at all. The chainsaw is the only one worth a damn and you still take damage while using it. Stick with the other weapons.
    Spoken like a true warrior. ;-)
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    Miss you all guys.

    For those who answered the questions on the weapons and other stuff, thanks and I do apologize for being out of commission.

    Melee weapons are only good during the missions where you dont get to be swarmed by zombies. I would rather invest in a Street Sweeper shotgun and a grenade launcher -and you get to survive more missions and save a lot in using items.

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