Glu gem bug (and some feedback on new update)

kellere32kellere32 Registered Users 21 Posts
After new update when i trying to exchange daily mission tokens for glu gem i get anything although i get onscreen message and waste daily tokens. Looks like some new talismans don't work. Gold fish doesn't adds health although its description. Please add a option to by coins with daily tokens coz after new update getting in game coins become really problem (cant level up heroes due luck of coins).
Runic items addition is really great but levelling item consume to many items to fuze (i spent huge amount of items to get a couple of levels for soldier boots. This items i collected during more then month of game). No1 will grind so long. All in all its android game.
Playing on Galaxy 4.
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  • LilDagnametLilDagnamet Registered Users 62 Posts
    The Golden Fish (orange rarity), at least the one I have, boosts the amount of experience your unit (the one equipped with it) gains by 30%
  • kellere32kellere32 Registered Users 21 Posts
    Yes you right. This XP bonus and not HP. My mistake. But others issues still remain as i mentioned. Btw what we supposed to do with runic items that we don't want levell. Its impossible to sell it or fuze or even throw. It took spot in inventory and a bit annoyable i have to say.
  • LilDagnametLilDagnamet Registered Users 62 Posts
    I think the Relic Armour is supposed to be better then the normal armour and you just have to bear with it during the levelling up process.
  • EziekialEziekial Registered Users 166 Posts
    It might be better than the legendary but he is right the amount of items and time to get those items to level to legendary lvl 10 will take over a month for 1 item.

    In the end it's great that we have the new runic items but still time to get them maxed will be very very long
  • kellere32kellere32 Registered Users 21 Posts
    Bump!! Dear developers please fix the gem bug in a next event and give us an option to sell (or use in some way) unwanted runic items. In current stage it is impossible even delete them from inventory.
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