strategy/stats for Ice Demon?

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I've been trying to beat the Ice Demon (one star) for a long time now, without much success.

I have mostly trying with party level 248, Fel'mor 641 def, Zdar 402 atk, thea 291 heal, Tlanac 293 heal. I get all the way to the Ice demon without issue, then he one or two shots Fel'mor and things go poorly after that...

So, my question is; am I missing something? How do you beat the Ice Demon one-star, let alone higher levels?

Any advice appreciated.


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    Use an archer. Use the power of ice arrow over boss
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    I ran into the same issue with the third star. I came to the conclusion that no matter you defense you have to burn him very very fast.

    You have to know what the last pull is before you move to the ice demon and have all you Cool downs ready. Be aware that after you move in you need to separate your party to the left and right and speed them out so they don't get hit by ice demons ice breath.

    First move has to be to shield felmore from thea(or nyxx if you have her). Use felmores war shout Then attack with felmore rushing in.

    Quickly set Tlanac to felmore with spirit shield. And starts spamming and dps abilities you have left on Z'Dar

    Bee watching felmore a HP and always on Tlanac or Thea for their AOE heal to bump felmore back up when he takes a big hit.

    I have also noticed that as time goes he hits harder and faster so you really have about 10-12 seconds to kill him unless you get lucky. The ice breath on 4 stars will still 1 shot my felmor with 1200 def so you pretty much have to have him move out of the way if he isn't alsmot dead

    I would suggest getting kassia if you have not already. Her supersonic and ice storm with all other dps up by 30% from felmore's war shout took him out super fast for me on 1-2 stars but I would almost always have felmore die just as I would kill him.

    Sorry this was jumbled but I think you get the idea to push cool downs out fast ( you have to only do one CD per character at a time because the animation takes to long before you can select the next skill) and just practice the placement of people and rotation of clicks so you don't think and just go for it.

    Note that on 3-4 stars for this I beat it the first time with just 1-2 people alive with 1 hit before death. The goal is getting the gear from beating it at first not the exp.
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    Darkboy165 wrote: »
    Use an archer. Use the power of ice arrow over boss
    I have seen this stun the boos and hold him for 10 seconds and I have seen it not work 5 times I a row. I thought it was a glitch that they fixed or maybe it works again. If so perfect just ranged attack and keep felmore away while you burn half his HP from ranged attacks tlanac whirlwind.
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    Use your tank to stop the ice demon, while Thea & Tlanac heal him. Don't forget the magic shield!
    As the fight begins, quicky separate your characters, in order to avoid the ice breath.
    Now, it's time for massive damage! Incenerate with Z'Dar.
    A venom weapon may be of some help. By the way, the venom-fire-ice weapons from the mission store are better then the 4-star prize...
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    I tried and failed to get four stars on the Ice Demon and the elite mission next to it many times before the 2.0 update. Afterwards, it seemed that the elite mission was somewhat easier, and the Ice Demon was a lot stronger, because it used to take some time for the Ice Demon to slaughter all of my heroes. I thought I had failed again, with only Tlanac left after a few seconds, so I used his tornado, and to my surprise, that managed to kill the Ice Demon before it killed Tlanac. (Until I got a purple palka from one of the southern Lerona missions, I was using Thea instead of Tlanac. Also, I'm now using O'da the gunmaster.)
    PAOLEMIUS wrote: »
    By the way, the venom-fire-ice weapons from the mission store are better then the 4-star prize...

    Before the 2.0 update, you could see the stats for a Decimator III in the Warrior's Mystery Chest VI, and they were a lot better than the Decimator III that I got from the Ice Demon mission. The arcane weapons are great, but they're purple weapons, and I'd have expected an orange weapon to have better stats.
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    Placing your healers/zdar in the middle will keep the ice demon from making a straight line towards your tank. Just be sure to tank him close enough to where his breath is pointed towards the wall and not your party. The succubus' root spell works on him (as of last patch, not sure if they changed it)

    edit: I use 2 healers because that's what was easier for clearing the level up to the boss. Having 2 ranged dps (or even 3 and no healer) would actually make killing the boss easier. So if you can clear the level with more dps and less heals, use more dps.
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