HOD unplayable with WI-FI on

chrilion1@gmail.comchrilion1@gmail.com Registered Users 258 Posts
The constant commercial in MID freaking game are you kidding ME?
You have also Tripled or Quadrupled the amount of commercials.
This is making my nexus 7 crash. So I will no longer sponsor your game by the automatic commercial popups.
Duno what is making my game lag but when i turned off the WI-FI is a lot smoother. But this can be anything.

Don't get me wrong the latest patch has a lot of bugs but the new gameplay is very good and i like it alot.

No more WI-FI for me.


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    rewandrewand Registered Users 588 Posts
    Interruptions are only half of it. There are times when you get a pause every 1 second. It makes even map navigation difficult and actual play impossible.
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    LilDagnametLilDagnamet Registered Users 62 Posts
    I'm playing on my iPad Mini and I am not having any commercials or lag problems. Maybe it is your device and not the game.
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    EziekialEziekial Registered Users 166 Posts
    I play on iPhone 4GS and I do notice that game lags a bit more on wifi than on 4G. It really depends on the time of day but I normally have started to play on 4g because it plays alot smoother over long periods. Not sure if this was due to the new update but I never had this issue before.
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