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I've relied on Z'dar and his earthquake skill a lot. The first two times I got party members to level 30 I was mostly playing with Tiberius, Tlanac, Thia and Z'dar. I seriously don't think I could have gotten to the end of several of the harder fights without Z'dar.

Today I bought O'da and find that he compares favorably. This last time thru the game I've been using Fel'mor and find that his taunt seriously lowers the need for earthquake so I've been able to drop Thia and add Kassia. Now I'm back and fourth as to using O'da or Z'dar.

The way I see it they both deliver good regular damage with their basic attack. Z'dar has a much better AC but I think that's because he has much better equipment. The skills break out fairly evenly as well.

I see bombastic as similar to Immolate. Both cause a lot of damage over a fairly long time but bombastic hits harder up front and can affect multiple enemies. The problem is I can't send the bombs to an area, instead they center around an enemy. Advantage to bombastic

Sniper shot and Pyroblast both deal big damage but here it's Z'dar's skill that affects multiple enemies. However, the blast does a lot less damage. O'da can hit for 4000HP!

Oda's jetpack stuns enemies for five seconds while Z'dar's earthquake stuns for six. Jetpack does about the same damage but earthquake only hits once and jetpack hits three times. Earthquake however stuns the whole battlefield. In my book that outweighs the extra damage.

The last thing to note is that O'da is really small. He can be hard to select if he's in a crowd and for this reason I recommend you not put him in slit 2 of the party. On the other hand he's really fast on his feet.

What do you folks think of O'da?


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    Well Oda has the highest dps in this game. All 3 perks is pretty good .Although i got Oda in a bugged version (only 40 feat points) and i can't buy additional feat points he is excellent. I didnt feat all line with bomb perk, only 6 feat for max damage an 3 sec dot and invested other points in crit chance and pure dps. What you should know that when your group party lvl increased for every 5 lvls all heroes get boost of hp and dps. Amount of hp is 20 for every 1 but dps increase differs from hero to hero. Oda and Nagral (tank demo) have the highest coefficient (6) Felmor and Cassia 5. Gozzak and necromancer 3, Zadar and all healers only for 2 points. Its clear that non premium heroes (dont remeber the names but this tank sin and rangers that you get for free most gimped and get only 2 points dps increase). This why Cassia that has twice more dps than non premium ranger with almost same perks and in a same gear. And the difference will up during purty lvl progression. Same story abut Oda and Zadar (remember Oda get 6 dps increase and Zaar only 2). My party lvl is 500 and this is actually big difference in dps.
    But...... from other side Zadar can get a poison staff ( i have this 1 ) that fully upgraded decrease enemy defence almost for 50% and this is great dps boost for all party. In addition runic weapon for new heroes is total trash in highest lvl (mb some bug with stats that actually equal to regula epic weapon and not legendary).
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    I'm finding that kellere32 is right. Oda does significantly more damage than Z'dar. But I'm having difficulty substituting Oda in because of his low AC. Silly how in this game hard leather armor is not as good as a robe and pointy hat.
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    Weapon for new heroes (Runic Arquebus). Its not bugged but not worth leveling. On Max lvl it has 541 dps, 38% hit rating and +56% bonus to attack speed. Legendary 1 when full upgraded (called Triple Rifle) has 844 dps, +42 crit chance and +60% attack speed. In most of cases there is a small difference between legendary and full upgraded runic weapon except this 1 when gun for new heroes seriously gimped comparing to legendary weapon.
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    sorry for offtopic
    where and how to get "Legendary 1 when full upgraded called Triple Rifle"???
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    I assumed he meant the Archane Inferno Rifle because it shows three barrels in the pic but I see it's not legendary andhas nowhere near the stats he lists. Must be a purchased/won item.
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    rewand wrote: »
    I assumed he meant the Archane Inferno Rifle because it shows three barrels in the pic but I see it's not legendary andhas nowhere near the stats he lists. Must be a purchased/won item.

    maybe he had a peek at the game data. unless you fully upgrade the weapon, you won't know what the cap is for atk spd.
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    probably from the 80 glu coin/gem chests
    This. I levelled runic gun for max lvl coz mostly played with new heroes and was lucky to get Legendary gun from damage dealer chest when tried to get some legendary equip. This why i can compare exactly stats.
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