5k tokens heroes

ToniQueToniQue Registered Users 7 Posts
You know if its still possible to take oda or grazaak with 5k tokens? I did first week with Oda and now Ive earned again 5k tokens to test Grazaak but its been many weeks ago that I dont see any hero to buy for that amount? Will it come back or shall we spend 5k tokens in crap chests...

Anyone got info? Admins? Ty


  • rewandrewand Registered Users 588 Posts
    They seem to rotate in and out week to week. I started with Grazaak and later got Oda. My opinion is that Grazaak isn't worth it. He's a bit better than Leogan but not much. I find Oda on par with Zdar. Oda can hit harder but Zdar's earthquake beats anything Oda has.
  • kellere32kellere32 Registered Users 21 Posts
    Agree. But anyway it is worth to take al additional heroes with max lvl coz this way you increase all party lvl and stats of all your heroes. So be patient, collect tokens and get both (anyway looks like the next update will come not so fast).
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