HoD insanely easier in the US

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1st up, I don't buy gems. I'll watch my weight in ads, but paying for gaming to me is like the idea of paying for sex, it takes a lot of the fun out of it, and just feels a bit wrong.

I do most of my HoD playing in Australia. Gems here are VERY tough to come by. I get offered 0 to 5 ads to watch most days, and every now and then I'll get some kind of miracle jackpot of around 10 (averaging 3 to 4). I try the free gem button at least 20 times in a day, at various times of day (I play quite a bit - 314 stars).

I recently spent a few weeks in the US to visit family, and booted up HoD to find you guys get about 30 free gem opportunities a day!!! Jack in the Box ads alone probably bought me 3 heroes while I was stateside. It was the same at the tapjoy website... big opportunities to earn gems up the yang compared to the trickle we get in Australia, and probably most of the world.

With the amount of heroes, weapons, 100% chance upgrades etc that are gem-dependent, it really does make the game ridiculously easier in the US. All I seem to do here is wait for events so I can buy gems with my points to progress in the game, but in the US I'd get months worth of gems in literally days.

That's not meant as a cry or rant... just an observation that US players get their hand held an incredible amount by glu/tapjoy compared to the rest of us suckers.

Harry Colin


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    Video link has been broken for a month on my tablet. I farm credits from other glu games.

    All the same i wonder if you can spoof your location.
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    I suspected that there were more opportunities for free gems from Tapjoy and the videos here in the U.S, because Tapjoy seems to be based in the U.S., though I don't usually get quite as many as you did on your trip. On the other hand, since I live here, I've had far longer to collect free gems. They actually seem to do fairly specific geolocation for these, since I've never seen a Jack-in-the-Box ad, though a few weeks back, I got hundreds of gems for watching a Tapjoy video ad for "Paternity Court" over and over again that also gave the times when the series would be on my local TV stations.
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    I bet I'd have no probs spoofing the location with my android phone, but I unfortunately put my trust in an ipad for my tablet (a constant source of frustration). There's a few geniuses on google stating that changing regional settings will do the trick (it doesn't), while the people who know what they're talking about haven't even got a concrete way of doing it on jailbroken i-stuff, just programming suggestions.
    Probably for the best... I miss Jack In The Box already.
    Alee, interesting you've had none of the JITB ads, my gf's family are all in San Jose, which is where I did most of my gem collecting. There were an easy ten to fifteen JITB ads every day, usually 3 or 4 in a row... as if all the IT drones in silicone valley need those kind of calories!
    There was some brand of turkey that kept throwing gems at me too, with the tv ads coming in a distant third. Here in Aust, it's pretty much just ads for ipad apps, and the very occasional gambling website.
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    My guess is that they get your location from your IP address, so you'd need to use a VPN to the U.S. to get all the ads here. As for using an iPad, one major benefits for HoD is being able to save your game state to iCloud and restore it when you want.
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    You sir, are one very wise cookie... definitely ip driven.

    & I also didn't realise android is devoid of the save function. ppl playing without it must burn thru serious rubies and cash (or perhaps gems) doing their high-level weapon upgrades.
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    But android has it's perks. Gems/credits are pooled across all Glu games and devices. Some of those games give daily bonuses and if you log in on multiple devices it can push a hundred a week.
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