this game is going to TOP!

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hello everyone.. nice to meet you all.. its seem this gang lords is getting new player everyday.. because every hours i'm getting new friends request and i'm sure this game gonna be on top10 on next year.. xD

anyway there is a question and suggestion i want to talk about..

1st why dev not create a pvp room? this is a online game right? i think its more fun if we can fight against our friends.. and i'm sure more people will come and play this game..

2nd about recruit.. why we can only recruit 1 member per click? can you make it even faster??
right now 200RP for 1 gangster.. 60 gold for 1 elite gangster..
can you change it to 1000RP for 5 or 6 gangster and for gold maybe low the price a bit.. 100gold for 3 elite gangsters hehe =P

and last question what is the max lvl of the skill level? i'm trying to up my Agent of Heaven skill lvl.. but i can only up his skill into lvl 3.. is that the max lvl for the skill lvl?? i hope someone can reply me A.S.A.P thx!

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  • ShiidShiid New Member Registered Users 20 Posts
    Not sure about first 2 questions. But max skill level is 3.

    Gang Lords ign: deadred
  • NaharashuyaNaharashuya New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    Shiid wrote: »
    Not sure about first 2 questions. But max skill level is 3.


    thx for the answer dude.. 1st and 2nd is my suggestion lol xD
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