Uninstalling and lowering Google review, more.

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After reading support forums and experiencing bad (non existant) customer service regarding my ticket on spotting hackers/cheaters in game (with screenshot proof), I am sad to report that I'm doing as my title reads. I was still a couple of seconds from purchasing credits without my ticket being answered until I saw the option for subscription. Nice play but bad gesture. That confirms you were to continually pull from my account, no matter what, but you can't even guarantee you can help my concerns via my ticket even after a week. I'm just lucky my ticket, as a few others I read, didn't involve my credits disappearing otherwise double whammy. I realize I am one of millions that glu has enticed with a title of theirs but I hope those who read this take caution and look elsewhere. Also hope that this thread doesn't get magically deleted or deemed by a paid moderator for "violating" Forum Rules, but then at least someone is doing their job. Buyer beware


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    When I first read this I thought he was over reacting. But looking at the leader board for the current event. I think it is obvious there are people hacking the game. I'm not ready to quit, however I'm not spending any more money on this game until it is fixed or atleast an effort is made to give everyone a fair chance.

    If it isn't fixed soon I might just buy the game hack that is sold online and join the ranks of the cheaters. Since apparently the game makers don't care about their gamers. Not sure why I care about them making money.

    Just so sad. Cool new format of battling here just crap administration. My Opinion of Glu drops with each passing day!!
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