Tapjoy offers not working

Tyman2222Tyman2222 Junior MemberRegistered Users 58 Posts
I have the tapjoy app and when I install and open an app I don't get my gems, so then I send Tapjoy a missing currency request, they grant me the gems, I still don't get them so I tell them I still haven't got them and they re reward me but I still don't get them, I should be getting 40 gems right now for offers I did a few days ago, like come on DEV's fix it, if your trying to lose players then keep it up.


  • rewandrewand Advanced Member Registered Users 588 Posts
    I've had the same problem as well. This is usually more of a tapjoy bug than a GluGames bug.

    In the end, I've found it easier to watch the videos and farm credits from other Glu games (Android only) than it is dealing with tapjoy.
  • Tyman2222Tyman2222 Junior Member Registered Users 58 Posts
    That doesn't help when you play on an iPhone.
  • EziekialEziekial Experienced Member Registered Users 166 Posts
    iPhone has the same option to watch videos for 1 gem each. It takes time but worth it.
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