Crash and restart skills

2 questions.
After playing 4-5 levels, the game crashes, ALWAYS. I'm playing on iPhone 4S, using the lastest software and game updates. Any solution?
Furthermore, if you would restart skills, do you get your spended gems back? I want to restart a few great players for getting more skills.

Thanks in advance.


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    BilBil Registered Users 3 Posts
    Now the game already crashes during the first time limited level :-(. I hope someone can help...
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    LilDagnametLilDagnamet Registered Users 62 Posts
    The game does crash on occasion but mine does not crash consistently like you said yours has been. Do you kill all of your apps. after you are finished using them? If you do not it could be that those open apps. are using up al of your phones memory leading the game to crash more. To kill the apps., in quick succession click the square button twice and select the app. and flick it up.

    As for restarting the skills you do not get your gems back because you are given all the skill points that you have gained until that point. Basically this reset allows to to reallocate your skill points for the unit you reset.
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    Tyman2222Tyman2222 Registered Users 58 Posts
    Resetting the skill points is rather useless, if you reset 40 skill points you get to use 40 points any way you want, plus you have to spend so much to spend on another skill, you be spending gems just to have what you have now.
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    BilBil Registered Users 3 Posts
    Yep I always close my active Apps, and it still crashes. Even level 3 of difficulty star 2 of the time limited event; it crashes during the introduction, all the time...
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    EziekialEziekial Registered Users 166 Posts
    Seems odd this was an issue months ago but I haven't had it crash on me more than once a day since September. I use the same I phone 4s.
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