Awesome game but!~

goro3dgoro3d New Member26 PostsRegistered Users
If you guys could do daily rewards that would be awesome gold/armor/weapons health potions etc...!


  • goro3dgoro3d New Member 26 PostsRegistered Users
    I think what happened is they finished the game without thinking of daily rewards so not sure it will happen now but it also makes it a lot harder to get healing/attack/defense potions cause everything cost rubies which is also a bad idea and expensive.
    What happened to potions costing game money like Eternity Warriors 2? I guess that had to end somewhere!
  • Kush_snipesKush_snipes Senior Member 1,067 PostsRegistered Users
    I think they are focusing more on blood and glory 2 (blood and glory legend)
    rather than the old one although your idea is great
  • dtddissadtddissa New Member 2 PostsRegistered Users
    Hay, guys, do you know hw to get free glu free coins?
  • fayyazfayyaz New Member 1 PostsRegistered Users
    great game
  • PyromanthysPyromanthys New Member 3 PostsRegistered Users
    Free glu coins :D
  • bboyrionbboyrion New Member 1 PostsRegistered Users
    Yeah, how do u guys get free glu coin?
  • GODMASTER010GODMASTER010 New Member 1 PostsRegistered Users
    How do I go VIP?
  • Yuri02Yuri02 New Member 1 PostsRegistered Users
    how can i get free glu credits?
  • dandrizzydandrizzy New Member 2 PostsRegistered Users
    Cool game. I love it
  • AynnronaldAynnronald New Member 10 PostsRegistered Users
    fayyaz wrote: »
    great game
    nice but can't find the download link here
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