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The Leader board ranking is extremely skewed towards people who have cheats versus the ones that are just honestly racing? For example I am currently ranked #9 with 1836 wins -125,806 CAREER RP yet the number 1 person on the leader board had 180,290 RP. Do you feel the same way and think a change should be implemented or am I just being petty and the system is fine?



  • TeflonseanTeflonsean New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    Ummmm???? Something isnt right there....either top 8 are fiction (which they probably are) added by game creators to make people spend money and beat them or they are employees of glu.

    Dont fall for it....the more you play this game....the more you see the problems
  • VisiGodVisiGod New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    I do think a lot of players use some kind of cheat that allows them to buy huge amounts of gas/energy. But that's normal in this games, although I think Glu should implement some way to prevent this.
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