Defeating Ettins in Multiplayer Attack?

red5tarred5tar New MemberRegistered Users 1 Posts
It seems impossible for me unless I spend a ridiculous amount of money on gems to power-level my heroes. I can't even get them to drop half their health.

Does anyone have tips to beat them? Or are Ettins only pay-to-win at the monent?


  • BlitzBlitz Experienced Member Registered Users 227 Posts
    Read the "Looks like party's over for a while (multi-player)" post. I described an easy way to beating the Ettin if you can upgrade your peasant to level 9 or higher. My peasant is level 11 and I have the masterful skill so I usually kill the Ettin in less than a minute. Basically I have to wait for my reinforcements skill to charge up which takes 30 seconds and after I summon my mob of paesants the Ettin is dead about 20 seconds later. Obivously lower level peasants will take longer to kill the Ettin and more than one group may need to be summoned.

    An upgrade to this game was released today. It seems like the game crashes more often now and the AI got a little smarter because the enemy hero often retreats behind the Ettin so I can't easily kill the hero. The hero will stay back and use its skills on me until I kill the Ettin. I still have no trouble beating the Ettin, but I always used to kill the hero before it could use skills like explosive cart on me which wipes out my mob of peasants. Instead of typically beating it with 2:10 remaining I'm beating it with 1:45 remaining when the hero retreats behind the Ettin because I'll often need to summon a second mob of peasants.

    I've spent $0 in this game and I can beat the Ettin easily so you should be able to beat the Ettin if you use the strategy I described. Most of the time I don't even bother to dodge his club and just let him hit me. However if the hero retreats behind the Ettin and starts using skills like flash bomb or explosive cart, then I have to be careful and will dodge the Ettin's club and the explosive cart or whatever else is thrown at me.

    One tip for dodging the flash bomb. When possible it is often easier to dodge the flash bomb by running forward past the ranger instead of trying to retreat.
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    Additional info to what Blitz says:
    If you can swarm the Ettin with lots of Peasants, The Ettin will suffer from a super slow effect, almost a stun lock!. Just use Ranger with high Lvl Peasants + Reinforcements + Flash Bomb. =)
    Learned this easy way from this guide here.
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