daily login bonus and revive glitch/cheat

kwalapokkwalapok New MemberRegistered Users 2 Posts
I dont know if you know this guys, but I discovered a glitch on how you will have an unlimited revives and login bonus. I reported this glitch to customer care team but had no response. So, I decided to share it.. Instead of consuming your glu credits on a revive, why not to keep it for a better purchase while you have a unlimited revive for free? Email me at [email protected]


  • mtheadmthead Experienced Member Registered Users 266 Posts
    i get that glitch now and then.. dont know how it gets activated.. but sometimes, when i login first time of the day , i get the daily bonus.. then when i play story mode, after each wave i get the daily bonuses, after few waves i get the revive
  • BlitzBlitz Experienced Member Registered Users 227 Posts
    I've never experienced that glitch, but I have seen it where I complete the daily bonus and it doesn't always mark it as completed so I can keep doing the daily bonus to earn multiple chests until it corrects itself. This only happened to me in SvsZ2 and never in D&D.

    I know how people can cheat to get unlimited daily bonuses and revives, but I won't do it and don't condone cheating. I think they should do something about the cheaters, but even the moderator of this forum cheats. I currently have 19 revives which is more than I need anyway.
  • kwalapokkwalapok New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    Yeah you are right, we must not condone cheating. Maybe I used wrong title for using the word "cheat". I spent money for this game so I will consider it as a gift from glu.. I will use it as long as it is available :)
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