Lots of characters/features appear to be missing

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There are 7 characters (sticky archer, assassin, bowcaster, bladesmith, sir nicks-a-lot, falling beard, and beastmaster) that no one has been able to find in a chest like they are supposed to. A lot of people have gone past wave 100 and not a single person has reported finding any of these characters. Please fix this or remove messages like the one that says, "The ghastly hydrake approaches! Find powerful allies like Fallingbeard to help defeat it!"

There is no way to buy the coin doubler, soul doubler or dragon mage once the starter pack and elite starter packs expire. You also can't buy charms or golden allies, but I'm guessing that part is intentional.

The bonus for completing wave 50 was ridiculously small. I got more gems and charms when I completed wave 40. For wave 50 I only got 5 gems, 1 revive and 1 peace charm. If my memory is correct in SvsZ I got 100 gems, 1 revive, 2 food, 2 tea and multiple charms since completing wave 50 is like beating the game because you've accomplished your goal of rescuing the princess.

Some other bugs I've noticed is that I've gotten the message that says I've unlocked Summon Lightning and the message that I've unlocked the peasant multiple times. This can happen if I complete a multiplayer wave and my iPad goes to sleep before I click on the OK button to collect my award.


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    one bug i got in svz2 and defenders is the daily reward one

    doesnt keep track of the daily login, but i dont care that much... it just gives me daily reward after i finish a wave.. but it happens on a random occasion..

    like most people said.. this game can be very popular if it has pvp...challenging actual humans instead of A.I

    well hope that happens in the future
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    Blitz is 100% correct. The seven characters he noted above NEVER become available. It's possible to see some of them on the daily challenges, but that's it. They never become available for our ally retinue. Incidently, I see that he uses IOS. Well the Android version of the game has the same glitch. I'll play the game again when this is updated as it's a deal breaker for me.
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    was playing multiplayer on this game last night.. and i noticed some players around 2800 defense rating.. they have the assasin, and another character (rocky t man) in svd2.. so it could be possibility that it can be unlock, or just bots having ability to use them from the start

    also out of curiosity on defense rating.. on your hero rating.. theres a number on it..like a level or something..anyone know whats that number means? it doesnt look like it reflects the health level
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    I have all the allies in SvsZ2. I got all of them long before I reached wave 100 and had most of them by the time I reached wave 50. I have golden champions for some of them in SvsZ2. However I still haven't found any of the 7 allies I mentioned above and I'm at wave 184 right now.

    Some people got the allies by either buying them or cheating. For example, the top rated players have impossible scores like "-1" or "9,223,372,036,854,775,807" which is 64 1s in binary = 16 Fs in hexadecimal = 2^64-1 as their power rating so they can appear at the top of the ratings list.

    The defense rating on your hero improves as you improve him. For example, I believe each level of health or weapon your hero has improves your hero's rating by 10 points. Some things might only improve your hero rating by 5 points. It might be different for the Warrior since his sword is like a double weapon for both melee and ranged attacks. If you improve a skill specific to a hero, I believe your hero rating will improve even if you don't equip that skill. I haven't bothered to figure out how all the skills count toward defense rating, but I think they improve your defense rating by 10 or 15 points per level. If I remember correctly reinforcements improved my rating by 10 points per level early on and during the last few levels it improved my rating by 15 points per level.

    The seal improves your defense rating as follows level 2 = 100pt, level 3 = 500pt and level 4 = 1000pt. I think a level 1 seal is 25 pts, but I'm not sure about that. For each level of archers, battle bell, and bridge guardians you have your defense rating is improved 100 pts. The maximum defense rating for those bottom items is 3500.
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    I think that glu made this happen so they can get more money
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