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This is basically a basic rundown of the pro and cons of update 2.0.1. Just to be clear, I'm using an iPhone 4 and I updated straight from the base version to 2.0.1 (didn't update to 2.0.0 due to the problems mentioned by others in other threads).

  • The game runs more smoothly than before. There are still stuttering but much reduced. All in all, a much better performance. A noticeable improvement really. If this can be made even better, good on Glu. If not, it's acceptable given that I'm running the game on an iPhone 4.
  • The graphics look sharper and cleaner. Noted on the changed graphics for weapons & items too.
  • Increase of Daily Hunt research point reward from 15 to 30 per mission.

  • Increased costs of upgrades. Is it really necessary given that the Daily Hunt missions (this is the only thing left to play other than Challenges) now only gives $7k in-game cash? Forget Challenges, they're just monotonous.
  • Daily Hunt missions. While the increase of research points reward per mission is much appreciated, the increase of upgrade prices means that it becomes much easier for others to run out of cash instead of upgrade points or both. When the DH & Challenges are the only thing left to play after all the other missions are completed, the game becomes boring quickly.
  • Random weapon selection for Daily Hunt missions. Previously I use whatever weapon I choose to use. Now, regardless of my choice, the mission selects the weapon. I choose my shotgun, the game makes me use a plasmagun, or a railgun and not even using the best upgraded weapon at that. The random selection rotates between CC-8 Rottweiler, L-6 Hawk and PT-4 Welder. Why?
  • Lack of mission variety. Other mission types - Escalation, Survival, Onslaught and Hostage are still not opened back for play once they are completed. Why? I've raised this issue before and I'm raising it again. Why not make it so that after the set 20 missions for each mission type are completed, each mission type will have only 1 mission (or 2 or 3) which regenerates daily just like the Daily Hunt? It gives players more option rather than the (stale) Challenges.
  • I thought the update would've fixed the 0 accuracy of HV-2. It didn't. If that's the case, then might as well make the accuracy for the other miniguns 0 as well from the start (heck, just remove the upgrade nodes entirely) because as I've mentioned in another thread, when the 'upgrade' cannot be avoided and it makes a stat flat out worse instead of making it better or with balancing in another stat (e.g. better ROF = quicker overheating), that's a downgrade (plus wasting in-game cash/research points), not an upgrade.

Other points may be added if I come across them in the game or once I remember the rest that I wanted to put in earlier...
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    Just remembered two more:
    • Pop-up for weapons. Yeah, I'm not interested in buying the suggested weapon even when I have the money considering that (i) I have a better weapon and (ii) I need to use the cash for the increased upgrade cost.
    • Slow focus mode. Before the update (i.e. the base un-updated game), it was better in the sense that it was faster in execution after the targets have been selected.
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    Ok, one more problem which has become more prevalent recently. Previously, only pop-up for weapons are shown whenever the game is started. Now, the ad for other games produced by Glu pops up every time the game is run in addition to the weapons pop-up. What's the problem here? Not only the problems/cons mentioned above are not yet resolved, the game has the cheek to ask me to download more games which will probably involve even more in-app purchases? Didn't even need to click the little 'controller' icon at the left side of the screen for the ad to pop-up.

    Tell you guys what, I'm irritated about this game already and yet I'm retaining it just to get one weapon which I want to at least try. Still, the game seems to be trying its ****ed best to make me simply delete it in disgust. To put it in another way, I'm not averse to marketing but there's a difference in reasonable marketing and trying to blatantly and repeatedly push products in my face when I don't want them. Guess which one the pop-up ads are doing?
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