Help! Cant play Gun Bros1 anymore :(

someGUYwithADHDsomeGUYwithADHD Registered Users 52 Posts
I went to log in today, and it shows both Glu Logos, and maybe an offer after that, and when I get to the main UI for Gun Bros, it freezes for one second, then closes. :(

I've tried:
Restarting my phone several different ways.
Checking my internet connection. Its working 100% and strong at that.
Uninstalling, and reinstalling gun bros. (Problem continues)
Logging out of FaceBook, and logging back in.
Tried letting all intro videos play out.(Didnt rush anything)
Tried BlackMailing my phone.
What else can I try?
YES.... I REALLY have A.D.H.D., why is that so hard to believe?

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  • happy8118happy8118 Registered Users 13 Posts
    My not bug itema
  • shannyshanny Registered Users 440 Posts
    Mine is working just fine.. That's really weird. It has to be something with your device if there aren't others having the same issue. I hope you can get it sorted soon.. File a ticket and maybe they can help you with it.
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  • Kush_snipesKush_snipes Registered Users 1,067 Posts
    Mine is working perfectly on all my devices. Don't know what could be causing this problem . Like mentioned above file a ticket to get more support and hopefully get it fixed sooner than later
  • daddybeardaddybear Registered Users 16 Posts
    Mine says no connection and but I'm sign in to Facebook and my phone is working fine I can play other glu games anybody I have filed to tickets already
  • foxorozcofoxorozco Registered Users 53 Posts
    Shanny, many of us on android are having that issue, again. It s gone on now for about 10 days. Upon logging in, and game starting, it says u are off line & not reaching our bros.
  • daddybeardaddybear Registered Users 16 Posts
    So when are the going to fix it I've put three tickets in
  • foxorozcofoxorozco Registered Users 53 Posts
    It is seeming more & more than they do not want fix this problem. What am I suppose to do with my nearly 24k of glus, waste them on some other ****py game?
  • Kush_snipesKush_snipes Registered Users 1,067 Posts
    foxorozco wrote: »
    It is seeming more & more than they do not want fix this problem. What am I suppose to do with my nearly 24k of glus, waste them on some other ****py game?

    You bumped a thread that opis over a year old, i dont think newer devices are supported for this old game anyway, i cant sign in through gamecenter to play anymore on my ipad air. Try downloading gun bros 2 if you are not able to play the original gun bros
  • MaragostMaragost Registered Users 60 Posts
    I can understand about the new devices, but at least on the old ones the game should work. It always worked on my Samsung S2 at least. (or perhapes there was a facebook login problem like this last one, some month ago if i remember well)

    Just to check... Do Shanny and the few which are able to do the challenges, play on apple devices? Just to understand if the problem is linked somehow to the fact we're playing on android. (as we i mean, we that are unable to play)

    (just as a quick reminder, i'm also unable to play online on BigTime Gangsta)

    Anyway the game has this problem with facebook since three weeks now. I'm afraid we're not going to play Gun Bros anymore, not for the challenges at least.

    And for Gun Bros 2 i would say yes and i suppose it's very nice too but the big problem is that from what i've heard it doesn't have challenges or if it has them, they're not rewarding as those of Gun Bros 1.
    And in the end that's why i play the game, because to enjoy fully Glu games you have to purchase things with those Glu credits which costs a lot in real money. I can't throw away 20 euro for a single character in a game where i don't even have a cloud save on the web which will prevent me to get angry whenever i get a bug that the support staff can't help with, forcing me to reinstall the game (if i'm so in love with the game to give it another chance). But to be honest, even with a cloud save, 20 euro a far too much. Of course they're usually the best in-game items but certains thing costs too much in my opinion.
    25000 for the last weapon in Gun Bros..... even doing daily the challenges it takes several months to collect them.
  • foxorozcofoxorozco Registered Users 53 Posts
    Honestly.... I think they do not care about us & this game. Gameloft is basically just giving us the finger on this one.

    I tried Gun Bros 2. Honestly, it is not as good a game & does not reward game play.

    This all boils down to a Facebook programming line that needs to be fixed. If they do not want to repair it. Tell us! I will be glad to spend my money with Com2us or King. Until there is a fix, Gameloft has seen my last cent.
  • Milan OpenfeintMilan Openfeint Registered Users 8 Posts
    Hi Foxo, I have finally remembered my password for Glu forums.
    First, yes they don't care about GB1 any more. I have received a reply to a support ticket after one month, asking if it's stll broken. I confirmed it is, and now the silence continues.

    Second, a funny note: this is Glu games, not Gameloft, but I agree that one sucks too ;-)
  • BlitzBlitz Registered Users 227 Posts
    6 months ago I indicated that I always had login problems to Gun Bros. Nothing has changed. I don't know why I put up with all the problems I have connecting to this game. I'm tired of it so I might stop playing all Glu games because this isn't the only game they don't suppport. Defenders & Dragons is only 3 months old and it has tons of bugs which they haven't even tried to fix.

    I use the iPad 3 and iPhone 4S. It took more than a dozen tries before I was able to login to Gun Bros today. I'm almost never able to do the multiplayer challenges because 80% of the time when I hear the sound that indicates another player has been found for me to play with the game crashes back to the desktop. Also my connection usually doesn't last more than a few seconds so it is extremely difficult for me to invite bros to do challenges cause I often lose my connection before I can scroll down the to bros I want to invite. Viewing the challenges is also difficult for the same reason. I don't have connection problems in any other game or app.

    Don't waste your time playing Gun Bros 2 since they aren't going to support it once it becomes old. For mobile games that might only be a year and that game is already over a year old.
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