2 cheat or not 2 cheat too

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Cheating in app games have been around almost as long as the apps themselves. There are many different ways to cheat in this game, GluOn adds an entirely new set of challenges as well as ethical questions because cheating online means you are negatively impacting other players. The word "cheat" carries a stigma. It makes us think of lazy people who aren't willing to put in the hard work necessary to succeed. It’s a lot easier to cheat at something when the opponent can be physically far away, or someone completely unknown. But that's not the case with every person who cheats in a video game. Some people don't have the time or money to invest in this game like that. Now if you are & or decide to use a trainer for this game,it's all good -that is your choice (to each his/her own). But me personally... I have been playing Motocross Meltdown since Jan 28 and will be completing the game as of this thread post. I hope they will release an update for it because it laggs & glitches soo bad. Glu needs to encourage players to keep playing this game & definitely don't want players to become so frustrated with the game that they abandon it, So I expect the cheating.... Now I notice most racers have a SENZA BANSHEE.... I have been racing 24/7, doing surveys and leveling up and still can't afford one?? (they are 900 gold) but anyway I still never used a trainer (hack) on this game. Peoples RP points are 10X my score and I am racing almost all day everyday, I still managed to make #55 on the leaderboard but will probably never make the top 10



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    It's all apart of gaming bro some cheat just to cheat others cheat to win.
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    I never make it anywhere near the top, l run my bike with the upgrades.
    I play for the fun of the game.
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    YZboy125 wrote: »
    It's all apart of gaming bro some cheat just to cheat others cheat to win.

    Is ther a tier 6,7,8,9,10 and if so where r they mine goes to tier 5
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    Have made it to tier 10 but haven't made it past that. The game pulls out all stops to make sure you don't. Was using an AMX bike and it matched me with a WMX bike in Motorcross. I didn't stand a chance even with maxxed boosts and perfect taps. Also have noticed if your way up in win streak tier it will make sure you don't get one of your 3 tricks off and crash. Its like the ramp dissapears especially on the flatliner trick. Your even with landing dirt and no air.
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    I agree with RICE,
    I do not want to cheat, but I'm playing the game for the last 3+ weeks, but each time I'm facing someone with SENZA BANSHEE on a PVP StepUP (usually after 15+ winning in a raw) I cannot win,
    no matter what Boosts I use and even combined with Turbo Race, they just pass me like I'm nothing, that frustrating.
    I can Understand the Freemium model and that players that are willing to invest money will progress faster, but others plays should have the ability to match if they work hard enough..
    I will be happy if someone from the crew will contact me regarding this matter.
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    Nobody can tell me it's possible to get about 21,000 pvp points in about 45 minutes.
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