What to do after you have complete all missions in all tiers?

eR@z3r[email protected] New MemberRegistered Users 1 Posts
Has anyone complete all the missions in all 5 tiers? Is there a way to replay past missions? Or is the challenge the only thing you can do?


  • pistoffpistoff Advanced Member Registered Users 865 Posts
    Delete it like I did?
  • mtheadmthead Experienced Member Registered Users 266 Posts
    i ended up deleting this game too.. needed the space for frontline commando 2..
    game is more interesting then robocop.. it has a pvp, but i dont think its realtime pvp
    also i notice the game performance is way better then robocop and less laggy
  • volrath77volrath77 New Member Registered Users 26 Posts
    I've raised the issue before & I'm raising it again in the Update 2.0.1 thread. I'm going to see how the company responds in relation to opening up the other mission types with regenerating daily mission like the Daily Hunt. Otherwise, this game is dead.
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  • PZOPZO Experienced Member Registered Users 260 Posts
    Just Delete it
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