Game Progress LOST even with saving online?!??!!?!?

MaeckKinntoschMaeckKinntosch New MemberRegistered Users 18 Posts
Hey guys,
I've been doing the weekend event till mission 22. The Game crashed.

And now I'm back in the tutorial?!?! Please help!!

I've spent many Glu Coins in this game - especially for the event. Please fix it fast. I have only 1 hour left for the event.

It cant be that even with Game progress saved online i'm still loosing my game progress AND THE EVENT?

Please fix it fast and let me finish the event.

Best regards


  • TotallyNotSteveTotallyNotSteve Experienced Member Registered Users 221 Posts
    Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game with an active Internet connection. If you've backed up your save data on Google+, it should be recovered.
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