Won a pot I think, not in inventory

Copper coyoteCopper coyote New MemberRegistered Users 1 Posts
I was doing a level 12 adventure and there are three chests. On my second chest I'm pretty sure I won a pot. When I completed the game however it only gave me two items not three. Anyone else come across this?


  • Sm1thSm1th New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    Do you mean potion? I've never seen anything but swords, shields, and helmets come out of chests. Maybe it was a glitch? But weird, nonetheless, that you only had 2 items at the end of a 3-chest dungeon.
  • ScrimpnastyScrimpnasty New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    It's probably either the helmet that's a pot that has like 1 shield. Or it was a glitch. The little pot seems to be the same think as a 404 error or missing file icon in KOP
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