How far is everyone?

ScrimpnastyScrimpnasty New MemberRegistered Users 2 Posts
This game is so cheater. I have like lvl 2 errything for the frost gear and still am at the second batch of wind people. I updated my trainer and everything in it and still the levels are waaaaay too ******** in my opinion. I beat a couple with revive potions but these guys aren't throwin out enough events. Obviously it's s freemium game and it's prob way hard to stay in budget along with having interest in the game. Like 25 monies to get the fresh gear and it's only like one sword. Please. I like this game but it's starting to become like clash of clans. Which is so dumb and impossible to beat. Rant over. Put a ****in event out already. I need like 15,000 revive potions to beat anything


  • Shin SoldierShin Soldier Junior Member Registered Users 65 Posts
    If you wish to get further join our Jr clan and we will help you get a decent set from events. Download line and send me a message my username is shinsoldier
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