An idea for region 6 or higher ?

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Titanosaurus : Are estimated to have grown up to 9–12 metres (30–40 ft) long and about 13 tons in weight.

Apatosaurus : one of the largest land animals known to have ever existed, with an average length of 23 m (75 ft) and a mass of at least 16 metric tons.

Brachiosaurus : Brachiosaurus has been estimated at 26 metres has been estimated as 35.0 metric tons

Supersaurus : It is among the largest dinosaurs known from good remains, possibly reaching 33 to 34 meters (108 to 112 ft) in length, and a weight of 35 to 40 tons.

Diplodocus : it may have been up to 54 m long, making it the longest known dinosaur. Some weight estimates ranged as high as 113 tons.

Carcharodontosaurus : Longest and heaviest known carnivorous dinosaurs ranging between 12 and 13 m (39 and 43 ft) and weight estimates between 6 and 15 metric tons.

Spinosaurus : The largest of all known carnivorous dinosaur12.6 to 18 metres (41 to 59 ft) in length and 7 to 20.9 tonnes.

Utahraptor : Estimated to have reached up to 7 m (23 ft) long and somewhat less than 500 kg

Quetzalcoatlus : A wingspan as large as 15.9 meters around 200–250 kilograms

Moschops : Roughly 2.7-metre-long It has a short, thick and massive head.

Shantungosaurus : Measures 14.72 meters may have weighted as much as 16 tonnes, its jaws were packed with around 1,500 tiny chewing teeth.

These types of dinos are the biggest ever and need a new land to live in after the great cataclysm that forces these huge beast to occupy the once great city of the gods OLYMPUS. Big dinos need a big gun i suggestion would be energy bases maby plasma weapons. the herbivores run away from you except a select few that acquired a taste for flesh. The carnivores well same as always there always looking for a snack. As these are Titian's it will take a lot to take them down so they are slow moving 15 - 30 shots mabie more, or even group effort get your friends involved too for a it better reward.


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    yep, was watching jurassic park and we need the spinosaurus later in the game!
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    Well i suppose artillery may work like raining down mortars but may take the fun out of it unless they make the highly inaccurate with out upgrades
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    Or make them be far off in the distance, then have to take them out with a brain shot! Lol!! :cool: T.F
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    I wonder what the future Exotics would be like...

    A flamethrower would be cool! And call it something like, the "GenTech Scorcher"!
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    i wish exotics were not pay real money to use i wish they were like normal weapons some cost gold not all of them
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    Flamethrowers?? Is that so we can have dinoburgers??!!
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    Flamethrowers?? Is that so we can have dinoburgers??!!

    That or DinoDogs or Steaksaurs! Lol. XD
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