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I am a level 50 with a full set of arctic savage gear. I have upgraded the trainer at the 250k upgrade, and the health, attack, etc.

I cannot come close to defeating the last "boss" on the first cave out of the ice (the first 16 hearts cave). Am I way out of expectations thinking I can pass this level without the 500k trainer upgrade (or more)? This level is ridiculous. I have entered the last battle time and agin (I have no problem getting there) with 1/2 health+ and full shield, and I just get demolished every time. The boss often has 3-4 healing "amoebas" floating around and it is all I can do to keep them in control without generating any cascading attacks. And don't get me started on how many coins suddenly are appearing in this cave...

Overall this game has a ton of potential but has been somewhat poorly implemented. I feel that GLU is doing a good job at making a lot of average to good games, but they have a way to go. There is just no incentive to spend any money here. Why would i drop $25 to get 25000 gold, and handful of gems that wont even give me one single health, shield or attack upgrade, and a single piece of gear that is not anything amazing and has no match???

All this game has become is about grinding the first levels for gold, since later levels just don't give you much more for the amount of time spent.



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    I'm in the same position. i'm waiting for the 500k training upgrade to fnish, and hoping that works to allow me to advance.
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    Lightning Helm & Icebreaker Shield ... both upgraded is better. As sword u can use your savage one.
    Don't ask why, but it worked out even without the 250k trainer upgrade...
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    well, I am not sure what the point is. I did finally make it through the first level, all for an alchemists cap and reinforced shield or something equally as terrible. I would have expected greater rewards....

    And the next level is just the same - two chests along the 9-cave path with lame stuff, and a boss that is way OP.

    I would think the item set bonus would outweigh the individual advantages of those items, but I will try and get ones to drop and see how that works...
  • chubby00chubby00 New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    well, I think I am pretty much done with this game...

    In the ice caves, with my current setup, I have no trouble getting through all of them without a problem. I enter the "healing"caves, and it is ridiculous. The enemies all of a sudden do 2x the damage - on the cave boss I lose almost all of my shield with one attack, while the boss has multi-healing tiles on the board. And the board layout has changed too. In the ice caves, I get a decent board every now and then, to get multi cascades, which allow me to keep my shield up. In these caves, especially at the last one, it is a lot of gold, and much more random. I seriously cannot get one single 3-4 cascade drop, ever, in the last cave. It is pretty much impossible to keep any shield up, let alone generate a decent attack. In one iteration, I did get manage to get a 4 gold sword attack, did 3k+ of damage, and the boss lost about 1/5-1/4 of its health.

    And the last try? I got 2 Centurion helms in the chests. Two! Who is designing these games to make money? Good god why would I pay to revive or play more when it is designed like this? meh.......
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