Making lvl 15 boss kill stage easier

venus90909venus90909 New Member2 PostsRegistered Users
:( I have been trying to reach lvl 16 for months but killing the two helicopters is impossible for me especially with the ground forces shooting at the same time and having innocent civilians in that final stage of lvl 15. Now all I can do is move on to other games that are challenging enough but not difficult to move on, and fun. Glu, please lower the level of difficulty significantly.


  • happy8118happy8118 New Member 13 PostsRegistered Users
    Glu please not ltema
  • happy8118happy8118 New Member 13 PostsRegistered Users
    Hello like good
  • tafeeltafeel New Member 12 PostsRegistered Users
    It's not that tuff dude keep playing I had eliminated the boss of level 17 (:
  • hanguyenhanguyen New Member 2 PostsRegistered Users
    Great! Did u buy stronger weapons? Glu should let users buy stronger weapon by using war cash
  • lalitlalit7lalitlalit7 New Member 1 PostsRegistered Users
    How to eliminate tht 2 helicopters n by which wepons? Pease help...
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