Region 7 Release date

Switta70Switta70 New MemberRegistered Users 28 Posts
Getting bored of contract hunts anyone have a guess on when region 7+ will be out


  • SheppeckSheppeck Senior Member Registered Users 1,609 Posts
    Region 7 was announced yesterday. Which means we should have region 7 next Thursday.
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  • GlfjunkeGlfjunke Junior Member Registered Users 68 Posts
    About time. Would like to get some Exotics, but still not getting credit for doing surveys and not interested in using my cash for Exotic weapons. It is still only a game. Prefer using cash for Golf, and yes it is also a game, but my energy last longer on the course than on the hunt.
  • streplesstreples Junior Member Registered Users 85 Posts
    anyone already got the updates yet ? pls info, ty :)
  • Tanner96Tanner96 Advanced Member Registered Users 544 Posts
    streples wrote: »
    anyone already got the updates yet ? pls info, ty :)

    Region 7 is out now. At least for iOS devices.
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  • blue ridgeblue ridge Experienced Member Registered Users 442 Posts
    Still not up for Facebook. Typically, Android and Facebook have updated later in the same day as iOS, and Kindle players wait several days after that. Anyone on a platform other than Apple have it yet?
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