Michael WalravenMichael Walraven New MemberRegistered Users 18 Posts
You really think I'm gonna pay 20$ just for a map piece? Your are crazy! Good luck with that dumb idea..Its a Fake Game..If this is how stupid you think people are than you are wrong,at least about me.take this dumb idea and through it in the trash..I'll be on map 8 racking up $ untill then... I hope none of you out there playing, are dumb enough to fall for this low blow.


  • RWooldridge86RWooldridge86 New Member Registered Users 4 Posts
    Right there with you.
  • Bill1957Bill1957 Advanced Member Registered Users 972 Posts
    Not doing it either. Real bad move on their part.
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  • todfoxxtodfoxx Senior Member Registered Users 1,933 Posts
    It's just a Halloween event, you don't have to play it! There will be other options for people that don't want spend any money to get map pieces. You will be able to advance, do you think that would shoot themselves in the foot? Not allowing players to advance without paying is not good business. So relax you money is safe under your pillow.
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  • cove512cove512 New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    I agree. Level 35 here been playing since the start and have spent a total of $0.00 on this game...I plan on keeping it that way. Glu makes plenty on advertising without needing to bleed their players. If this keeps up, uninstalling.
  • PedlapPedlap New Member Registered Users 10 Posts
    Its look like they wont have R9 so they are trying to get all the money they can with R8
  • JeromesJeromes New Member Registered Users 10 Posts
    I am done. See you later Glu. Good luck with the new approach to get $ out of the players.
  • eyeshotseyeshots New Member Registered Users 13 Posts
    The problem with paying for stuff is there is always the chance that you will losemyour game content and have to start over, and that is all money lost. This happened to me with the zombies ate my friends glu game, it froze after an update, and the only thing I could do was reload it, and I lost all my progress and items. When I talked to glu, they pretty much ignored it and said there was nothing they could do. Same thing happened with dinohunter not too long ago. Is there no way to back this data up?
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